I only like the sad songs by the rock bands no one knows.


Reading: Shift by Jennifer Bradbury
Watching: Season Two of OINTB
Listening: I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming & Trash Talkin' Love by The Ready Set

Future Shows

  • YMAS on Oct. 3rd (subject to change.)
  • Farewell Forever Halloween on Oct. 31
  • TRS (with vip!!) on Nov. 11
  • Relient K on Nov. 26
  • Actual Updates

    I'm about to start two projects: endless list of my favorite music videos and endless list of my favorite people
    I'm also organizing a tags pages!

    friendly reminder.

    friendly reminder.

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Keep running.

    Keep running.

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    when i’m sad i remember how cobra starship formed because gabe saporta took a spiritual journey into the desert that involved smoking a ton of peyote and hallucinating a giant snake telling him to start a band

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    It’s not the first time, but this one really carved it in.
    Tell your new friends that no one knows you like I do.
    It’s over, I wanna see you again, I wanna feel it again.

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    i just wanted to say that i had been thinking about abandoning this blog because i felt like nobody on here cared about me anymore and i was being ignored but then i posted pat’s tweets the other night and so many people reblogged it and it just renewed my faith and i now i wanna stay on this blog forever. to anyone that reblogged or liked that post, thank you guys so much. 

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    "But you know, you’re supposed to do that, you’re supposed to give off this impression that like "ooh my gosh they’re so larger than life and just off in the distance" and that’s just really not the way it is, honestly, we just wanted to talk to you and have a good time with you guys tonight."

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    My friend Jessica over at TRSDaily and I are teaming up to give away a couple prints of my photos of The Ready Set from Warped Tour this year! 

    - ONE REBLOG. 
    - NO LIKES.
    - You must be following TRSDaily, Unsigned & Unleashed, this blog and like this page. Jessica and I will be checking. 

    Deadline to reblog by: August 14th, 2014 at 9:59PM (EST). I will pick the winner sometime after 10PM (EST). 

    What You’ll Get: 

    - Well, the first place winner can choose any photo from this gallery and get an 8x10. 
    - The second place winner can do the same, and get a 5x7. 

    Good Luck!!

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    @thejohnset: Walked into Wal-Mart looking like a zombie, I think I scared a few people.

    [insp. x]

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